La Boule Noire - Paris - ROTTERDAMES + GUEST

Glassy seas, gusts of wind, melancholia and colorful waves. As the cover of the first album of ROTTERDAMES –a young 3-member band from Le Mans– illustrates, rock’n’roll is a matter of weather. They make moods change with the shape of clouds, while we are waiting for decibels flood us. 

Antoine, Louis and Marc depict their music as “a mixture of bright pop and darker rock, a thirst for life and spleen”. Those three are not savages, they play a meticulous and articulate rock, in the same vein as french bands Revolver or Radio Elvis. 

Even though they have dreamed in English during their teenage years, they sing in the language of Moliere, eying up both the Rolling Stones and Serge Gainsbourg. Though they are in their twenties, they have been roaming french scenes for years. 

To be discovered without delay on January the 31st  2019 at La Boule Noire (Paris).

Album “Paradis Perdu” – release announced on January the 11th 2019.

Thursday 31 January



Support act :Alone and Me


15.1 €