La Boule Noire - Paris - MAMA FESTIVAL

L’Ordre du Periph FR // Hip-Hop

7.30-8.10 p.m.


Freshly rewarded of the Printemps de Bourges Prize – iNOUïS 2018, the 4 young boys who lived in the suburbs of Paris, are friends, fans of mangas and Harry Potter universe before being a rap crew. Their name is L’Ordre du Périph. The crew is composed by Assy, Youv Dee, Swan and Ars’n whose from the open mic rap scene, sharing a common passion for the new waves of rap music (Ski Mask, Young Thug or Lil Uzi Vert). Their first released freestyles has been out in 2016. L’Ordre du Périph can be sumed up in three words: Energy, turn up and Experimental. The value of the upcoming generation.


Concrete Knives FR // Pop

8.30-9.15 p.m.


With a joyful and crazy indie pop style, Concrete Knives is back after being the sensation of french press in 2011. Their new album “Our Hearts” is intense, with a punk energy, somewhere between the Pixies (Tightrope), the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and some world music sonorities borrowed of the Talking Heads. In 2018, Concrete Knives has not lost anything about their innate sense of punchy guitar riffs and catchy chorus. They just put this at the service of an ambitious and mature work of art. A more introspective record where the reflection is based on the loss of the self, missunderstanding and desillusions. A broken heart beating 10 thousand seconds an hour, crazy in love with music and savy.


Azur FR // Electro House Tropicale



Azur is a French Electronic music producer from Lille. He became famous for having played in different bands from the North of France. The prodigious drummer Antoine Pouilly puts his knowledge of electronic music at the service of a fancy house music, where sophisticated and melancholy melody is miwed with a zest of exoticism. AZUR has already produced two EPs and invites the audience to forget everything through dance with head up in the stars. Revealed at the French music festival Les Transmusicales de Rennes, he opened shows for ROMARE (Ninja Tune) and Étienne de Crécy (Solid) in 2017. AZUR was selected as iNOUïS du Printemps de Bourges in 2018 and opened some shows for Fakear in spring.


Apollo Noir  FR // Electro

10.35-11.15 p.m.


His name is a reference to his origins, the Auvergne du massif des bois-noirs (The Auvergne of black massif wood), and his passion for space conquest. The neo-parisian Rémi Sauzedde is Apollo Noir, an electronic music producer, author of avant-garde tracks who invites you to discover an utopic, psychedelic and tortured future across a trip rhythmed by a lot of influences from Vangelis to Sonic Youth.

Winner of iNOUïS, Printemps de Bourges – 2018 Prizes
FGO-Barbara Artist


Wednesday 17 October



La soirée des iNOUïS !

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