La Boule Noire - Paris - MAMA FESTIVAL 2017

9 O’Clock Fr//Hip hop – Electro

7.30-7.50 pm


Since they started meeting at several scratch battles all over Europe, the three DJ’s from 9 O’clock never stopped working and improving their skills. In 2013, Aociz, Dj Hertz et Mr Viktor decided to confront the harsh realities of the official competitions. They decided to compete in the DMC world championships, a reference for all DJs.
As a result, 9 O’clock won the French championship and soon after, the world title, following the footsteps of well-known French formations such as C2C and Birdy Nam Nam. After months spent in studio producing music, 9 O’clock will now release their debut EP, “Wake Up”, and prove that the power of attraction of their music largely surpasses the microcosm of turntablist.


Gros Mo Fr//Rap – Hip Hop

8.00-8.30 pm


Signed on label « Ailleurs » along with Nemir Gros Mo has a darker universe than his acolyte.
From Perpignan, he’s a member of the Next Level Crew with Nemir, Carlito, Everydayz and En’zoo.
He did more than hundred shows between 2012 and 2015 with Nemir whose a dozen as the opening act of Stromae Tour.
Subversive, he rushes religious symbol, and his lyrics are very different to his long barb look.
The album « Les # de Gros Mo » was produced by En’Zoo, producer of Nemir’s EP « Ailleurs » too.



Chilla Fr//Rap – Hip Hop

8.40 – 9.10 pm


Spotted in 2015 by Bigflo & Oli on YouTube, Chilla has been invited on stage to open their show.
Just after, the young rapper from Lyon was signed by Tefa the producer of LEJ, Sofiane, Vald, Diam’s and many more.
Now aged of 23 years, her first single « Si j’étais un homme » reaches more than 3,5 million views on YouTube.
Her first EP « Karma » will be released on November 3rd. Step by Step, Chilla outperforms in the rap game as the new feminine and feminist French face.


Gracy Hokins Fr// Rap – Hip Hop

9.20 – 9.50 pm


The cultural offspring of three continents, with roots stretching from Angola to Brazil and deep into the parisian banlieue, Gracy Hopkins represents a new chapter in global hip hop.
He transcends musical and linguistic boundaries with a slick mix of anglophone rhymes and french expressions over instrumentals from all coasts.
Hopkins’ embarked on his rap career in middle school. Today, this has resulted in the fresh blend of throaty rap sprinkled over minimalistic and experimental beats characteristic of Gracy Hopkins.
Gracy Hopkins is a complete artist, a musician and a singer-songwriter-composer. He expresses himself through his arts, unveil his personnality and share what he is. He calls the « hopkins community » his family, and doesn’t want it to be called a fanbase.


Take A Mic Fr// Rap – Hip Hop

10.00 – 10.30 pm


Take A Mic has always loved being ahead of the times. For instance, he started writing his own lyrics at the age of 12. It started out as a hobby, but this fan of Nas and G-Unit soon started taking things more seriously.
Since working with 3010, his career has shifted gears. Having recorded 15 songs together, it goes to show how productive he’s been.

“Bipolaire” is a new watershed in this Orly native’s rapping career: the six-track record sees him return to his trademark freestyling that lets his songwriting talent flourish.
Take A Mic wants to make people dance. Be it the foolish “El Niño Terrible” or rather romantic “Blessure d’amour”, he bolsters the notion that he’s sitting between two different generations.

In April, the Eddie Hyde crew member surprised journalists with his new musical project “Boîte Noire”, featuring the leading track “Superstar”, which was only available on Instagram.


Xtrm Tour : Di-Meh / Makala / Slimka  Ch// Rap – Hip Hop

10.40 – 11.10 pm

The future of French rap is written in Geneva and rhymes with XTRM. Makala, Di-Meh and Slimka gather their strengthS and unite their talent for a tour that promises to be without limits. These three MCs sealed a pact that forced them to surpass themselves to create during each show an atmosphere energetic, electric, close to ecstasy in communion with the public . For the nostalgics of punk evenings, it is the occasion to experience again these moments of exception between warmth and pogos.
Enthusiasts take note! XTRM Tour will remain etched in your memories as the perfect fusion between rap and zeal to live.