La Boule Noire - Paris - ISHA

“He looks like a rookie but he’s been spooking the rough streets of Brussels for some time now. Yesterday Psmaker, today ISHA, the rapper spits fire in “La Vie Augmente” his EP that resembles him.


Without ever seeming to strain himself he’s succeeded in bringing together words of simple truth and punchlines that hit hard, deep pieces and dirty bangers conceding nothing.


He speaks of dethroned kings, a broken princess,  a North African pal with broken teeth.

His rhymes are a bit rough, not smooth.

They are sensitive, then crude. ISHA’s rhymes smell of the streets.

Come outside, it’s raining.


Snug in his Starter jacket, quiet under his cap, he’s waiting for you on the next corner; ISHA has some stories to tell you.”

Tuesday 17 April



Support act :Chairman

Promoter :ALIAS

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