La Boule Noire - Paris - EDSUN

EDSUN’s background consists in performing arts, in particular singing and dance, which he started at a very young age. Determined to pursue a career in the arts, EDSUN soon started appearing in innovative theatre productions taking place in Luxembourg’s arts platforms. From the dark, moody and atmospheric sonic world that we were presented with on his debut EP ’N.O.’ , EDSUN has now tapped into a punchier up-beat sound with elements of Pop and R&B music on his second EP titled ‘You Are Not Just One Thing’ which was released at the sold-out launch show on November 10th at Luxembourg’s most prominent venue, Rockhal.

After a bunch of concerts we are currently having our very first little Tour, for which we rehearsed a lot. For the Platonic Touch Tour, we’ve launched a Kickstarter. We now really feel comfortable and are now looking for the next step.

A little footage, you’ll find here: Platonic Touch Footage & Concert Teaser

Sunday 24 February



Support act :Them Lights + Taipan

Promoter : Beast Entertainment

12 €