La Boule Noire - Paris - BAND MAID


Formed in July 2013, gets their current line-up in August of the same year.

5-member rock band wearing maid clothes.


~ You’d think it would have existed already, but it didn’t — A real rock band by maids ~


Even though they play out the world of maids completely by wearing maid costumes, calling live shows “service” and their fans “masters and princesses”, their hard rock sound is far from their visuals. The combination of these two has not only charmed Japanese people; they also have passionate masters and princesses all over the world.


In March 2016 they performed first time overseas at “Sakura-Con” in Seattle, USA, and over 3,000 people gathered to witness their show. In June same year they made a license contract with UK label “JPU Records” and started releasing their CD’s in Europe.


The band held their first world tour same year by touring 9 cities in 8 countries with over 7,000 people coming to see them.


In 2017 they held their first headlining tour with 8 shows in 6 places all over Japan, selling out their shows, showing no signs of stopping. They also have many performances decided at big rock festivals all over Japan.

Saturday 04 November




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